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Treat yourself to a private yoga session. When you have individual attention you can understand your body better and go deeper in your practice. This is a great way to progress in your yoga practice or shift through a block which maybe holding your back.

The session can be framed to work on exactly what is coming up for you on any given day. Flexible times available. A sliding scale is available please reach out to discuss with me.

Benefits of Private Yoga:

safely ~ A private yoga session will be able to watch you constantly as you go through your practice, and highlight and correct any potential causes of pain or injury.

personal goals ~ taking the time to meet privately can deepen your practice and allow you to address your goals and receive the attention needed to progress.

deepen ~ by showing up fully in your practice with direct attention and adjustments you will experience a far deeper quality of yoga and especially a deeper sense of relaxation and serenity in towards the end of your practice and beyond.

1 - session $95.00
6 - session - $510.00 ($85 each)
12 - sessions - $980.00 ($80 each)

* If you have 2-4 people in the session  the price is $120.00

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