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Sacred Blend   |   Healing Balm   |   Extraordinary Treatment

BLENDS:  sunrise  and  samadhi


Historically, in ancient India, Soma was a legendary drink of the Gods. This drink was known for its power to grant immortality, deep healing and higher wisdom. To drink the plant essence of Soma is a sacred practice meant to receive the power of ecstasy, divine vision & wisdom and healing of all illness.

Today, Soma serves as a sacred blend, healing balm and an extraordinary in person treatment. An elixir for attaining healing and communing with our highest reality. Supports us as we strive for peace inside and out with a balanced homeostasis. The products and practices of SOMA are meant to assist us in accessing and becoming established in our highest self in a grounded, calm and clear way.

These meticulously crafted essential oil blends, help to balance our nervous system and brings calm to the mind. Regular use of the blends with consistent recommended practices can bring about gentle transformations.

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