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Did you know that working with your breath can change the PH in your blood? The  breath is a powerful tool which we have access to in every moment. I would love to help you learn more about how it can support you! A few of the areas it supports:   Improve Sleep, Stress management, Digestive health, ENERGY levels, Clarity in your mind and the ability to BALANCE our Nervous Systems.

Are you looking for effective ways to quiet your mind and feel more calm and grounded?  I promise you this is for you!

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Working from Home

Always there

We take 20,000 or so breaths per day!

What would happen if you focused on your breath with intention for 15 minutes day? How would this impact your life? And the lives of those around you.

  • Balances, stimulates the strengthening of the nervous system.

  • Promotes cerebral inter-hemispheric balance.

  • Expands lung capacity.

  • Increases physical endurance.

  • Improves Sleep, rest and calm. 

  • Helps to calm our minds. 

  • Helps to manage stress.

  • helps to purify and detoxify vital organs such as the lungs, blood vessels and the blood.

Become empowered

Durning these challenging times, we ALL need tools to work with. Tools that are simple and work! I would love to partner with you as a breath coach to teach you how to support yourSELF and improve your quality of life..

DM me to set up a free discovery session and see if it feels like a good fit for you. HAPPY BREATHING!

Breathing Exercise

breath coaching for 1 month

4 sessions once a week for 30 mins. $222.00

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I am a certified
Breath & Wellness Coach

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