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What do I want to feel more of?
And what do I want to feel less of?

For most of us, using plants as medicine is a new idea. In truth, it is as old as time. Our great grandparents and their grandparents reached for more natural options to help them affect change
in their health. Today we have to go out of our way to find support using natural options.

We now have a safe, effective way to feel empowered in our own homes! With the help of an essential oil educator or health coach, you can learn how to shift yourself in many different ways.

how can I boost my immune system?

what are some simple ways me release tension and stress?
what can help me sleep better?

what simple, gentle practices will help me detox?

what are some recipes I can DIY at home?

which oils can help soothe skin issues?

what is safe to use on my pet?

how can I clean my home without harsh chemicals?


I would love to help you get started


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sinus issues

"Not to be dramatic, but Asha's sinus protocol totally changed my life. For years I had been struggling with severe sinus infections that I would get several times a year, each time lasting for over a month and requiring, in the end, doctor's visits, co-pays, and long-term, high-dose antibiotic treatments. Basically, whenever I would get a cold, it would gradually develop into a lingering, debilitating sinus infection. I had been to the ENT multiple times about it and it was only at the point that they were suggesting surgery that I thought why not give essential oils a shot. (I must admit, I was deeply skeptical before this.) So, I tried Asha's protocol daily for about three weeks. Since then, I've not had one single sinus infection, and just use the protocol whenever I feel the slightest symptom of a possible cold coming on. Aside from no more sinus infections, I preventively use the protocol in cold season and since doing so have experienced far fewer colds, and when I do still get a cold, the duration of it has been much shorter. I'm no longer a skeptic and definitely attribute this shift to the effect of the essential oil regimen. Thank you, Asha!"           ~ Prof.. PB

White Flowers

“I developed a neuropathy last Nov. It was effecting my ability to do the things I love. I went to many specialists and tried physical therapy. Feeling helpless Asha asked if I would be open to trying a natural option to support my issues.

Positive results were observed and recorded in my journal within the week. I am in month 2 now and barely notice my neuropathy. The severe burning is gone even with the summer heat. I am so encouraged and plan to continue the protocol until full recovery is achieved. I recommend Asha Mclaughlin, who will stay by your side to guide you in proper use and implementation of the products.”              ~J 


"Asha designed a healing mixture of essential oils in both roller and spray bottle that I used on my scalp, forehead, and face; the areas I got shingles. The essential oil mixes decreased the nerve pain, swelling, and itching. I don't know what I would have done without her expert consultation and recommendations. Asha is highly intuitive, steeped in knowledge of plant-based medicine and how to use it for different health issues. This is individualized medicine at its best! With all my heart, thank you Asha, !"  JB      


“Symphony of the Cells” is amazing! Unlike a traditional massage, Asha’s magic hands soothe, relax and heal with a light and loving touch. Instead of coming away feeling poked, prodded and general beat up, you arise feeling refreshed, and replenished by the nourishing oils so masterfully applied. Each treatment is tailored to you and your issues, concerns, aches and pains. Whether you have had a rough day or a rough life Asha will offer you a treatment that is designed just for you. I am so grateful to have found Asha and the Symphony of the Cells treatments.—

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Did you know...?
Essential oils are chemical compounds found in plants? They can affect us physically, emotionally and even spiritually (energetically). Some plants like lavender and frankincense have hundreds of benefits for the body.
When it comes to using essential oils for your health and wellness the quality is extremely important.  Message me to learn more about this. It is my passion to help educate and empower people on how to use plants as medicine and improve their lives safely and effectively.

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I am curious.
3 Qi Gong Exercises for Anti-Aging (and the Benefits of Qi Gong for Seniors)

3 Qi Gong Exercises for Anti-Aging (and the Benefits of Qi Gong for Seniors)

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I LOVE QiGONG ~ I highly recommend this 9m video to try it out and learn a bit about it.

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