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My name is Asha and I am a natural health coach , a certified breath coach and as a yoga and meditation teacher. I love helping people. Whether it is finding the best version of a yoga pose for their body, in any given moment or gaining more energy, vitality or better sleep. We all need support and community, especially when creating change. Let's grow together!


Drawing on 28 years of yoga/meditation and 30 years natural health study - I am actively being mentored by Naturopathic Physicians and Doctors of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. I also studied and uses Ayurvedic medicine. In recent years I have  been studying the use of plant essences with acupressure points to bring about shifts in my clients health issues. I like to meet my clients "where they are at" so that their protocols are sustainable and doable and I believe small daily shifts can bring about big change!

Let's explore together. I would love to partner with you.

live life fully 

educator, creative, intuitive

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