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Welcome! My name is Asha and if you are reading this, you are probably interested in living a healthy lifestyle & using natural products in your home to support your family. There is much to explore - let's connect!

A little bit about doTERRA

doTERRA is a natural health care and essential oil company from the US that has very recently opened in INDIA! doTERRA's humanitarian mission to help uplift every household with natural healthcare products, empower people to earn extra income, and restore the earth with nontoxic, fair trade farming practices stand out in the industry.

I am a natural health coach and plant medicine educator. I am passionate about helping people to become empowered and take care of health issues in the home, using natural remedies. I know India has a long, rich history and amazing health system called Ayurveda. In fact, the first time I lived in India (2000-200I)  I  had my life changed by, an amazing Ayurvedic Physician. Many of the practices I still implement today.  

Are you interested in natural remedies?  
Are you open to learning new protocols?
Would you like to earn free products or an alternative income?

And lastly, do you enjoy helping & talking with others?  If you answered yes to any of these PLEASE shoot me a message here.  

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Doterra is a company of the highest ethical standards and integrity - from how they source their oils and partner with farmers all over the globe, to the testing and purity of their oils - this is why I have chosen to partner with this company.

I am very excited to share that doterra is newly opening Business in India- and this is an unprecedented opportunity.


  • this company has the utmost integrity and is extremely ethical in all of their business practices

  • Their business plan offers opportunities to work from home and earn 5-6-7 figure income without a degree

  • It is a very special time when a company like this Launches in a country and offers founders positions

  • Do you know anyone in career or financial transition? Looking to make an income from home, work as
    an independent entrepreneur, or looking for extra streams of income?

Join our team and receive a FREE personal wellness consultation,
FREE education and support. 

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