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I am delighted you are here and hearing these words. We all have different health and wellness focuses. It maybe physical or it might be emotional or perhaps its about energy and vitality? Some of us might want to eat better or lose weight, others are looking for a way to reduce stress and sleep better. Whatever your desire is, we can all BLOOM to the next level.

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green smoothie

2 helping handfuls of fresh greens

   spinach, swiss chard, arugula, what ever you have

3 ice cubes

1-2 chopped apples

2 drops of lemon oil

1/4 cup of water
(optional 1/2 a banana or berries)


blend on high till everything is emulsified 
drink immedately 


as your state buds shift you can lessen the amount of fruit


Yoga at Home

“Working with Asha has changed my life! After years of physical therapists, personal trainers, other yoga and exercise instructors I was only growing less and less mobile. I had given up hope of ever regaining the strength and flexibility lost to spinal stenosis, arthritis, and orthopedic injuries. But in a few short months I have been able to see improvements that have already made life better and less painful. She works slowly so as not to do any further damage, is patient with my awkward movement, creative in finding positions that help and not hurt, and she brings great joy to the process. I am learning new and better ways to move, sit, stand and walk. It is such a blessing to have her in my life and to be able to clearly see a path forward that isn’t just “down hill”. 

— MM

Back Massage

"So many neuropathies are never traced to a cause with gabapentin as the only treatment. Nerve damage can respond to essential oils and vitamins and DoTERRA has developed protocols to ensure safe and practical use that yield positive results. Required is dedication to a protocol and a good DoTERRA advocate. I recommend Asha Mclaughlin, my caring yoga teacher, who will stay by your side to guide you in proper use and implementation of the product usage."

— J

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